S.A.P.S. is a group of ordinary people with the extraordinary ability to explore and investigate the scientific side of the paranormal domain.  We will educate and elevate the scientific information related to paranormal haunting or unexplained events.  Debunking is a major part of our investigation.  We promise to rule out any if not all human or natural influences during any investigation.  This will ensure our team to investigate with an open mind. We make no promise that we can alleviate the haunting that your experiencing, but we will make every effort in trying to explain our findings through scientific equipment or personal experiences.  Groups like ours have investigated such occurrences, and have the experience to aide you.  But, please remember a spirit may move on when asked to do so.  But, it is actually up to the spirit to decide to move on or to stay.  Remember, ghost and spirits are not actors and do not perform on que.  We are a nonprofit organization and are not seeking to benefit or profit from your situation.  We carry ourselves in a professional manner and have the utmost respect for you, your home, your business and your situation.


Scare Fest  September 13th, 14th & 15th
Lexington, Kentucky